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Monona Grove Nursery School (MGNS) functions as a parent co-op. An all volunteer parent board guides the decision making process. As a member of a parent co-op, each parent spends 2, 3 or 4 days each semester helping in their child’s classroom. That precious time in the classroom is such a positive experience for both parents and children, many parents request to spend additional time in the classroom!

What is expected of preschool co-op members?
1. One parent is required to help in their child’s preschool classroom 2, 3, or 4 days per semester as a helping parent. Working parents may arrange for a close adult relative, a day care provider, or another MGNS parent to fill in.

2. Assist with special committee projects (fund-raisers, cleanups, equipment, grounds, or room maintenance).

3. Attendance at two annual parent meetings.

4. Take a turn bringing classroom snacks.

5. Participate in our fund-raising efforts to keep tuition down.

What are the tasks of the Helping Parent?
The helping parent spends the day in their preschooler’s classroom doing various tasks. You can help children with art projects and be involved in free play time. Helping parents also clean up before and after snack.