Since 1958… Learning Through Play for Over 60 Years!

Monona Grove Nursery School (MGNS) was founded in 1958 by Alice Schuller and DeLoris Vander Velde. Although some things have changed, like digital photos in weekly emails to parents, the nuts and bolts have remained the same – literally, in some cases.

“Some of the same toys are here, the wooden toys,” said Karen Reuss, who taught at the school from 1968 to 1974. “The boat, the rocking horse, the doll house – they’ve been sanded down and painted again, but they’re the same toys.”

Parent volunteers have been part of Monona Grove Nursery School from the beginning. That precious time in the classroom is such a positive experience for both parents and children, many parents request to spend additional time in the classroom!

MGNS is located at:
4200 Buckeye Rd, Madison 53716

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