I am so happy to be here at MGNS. After 3 years as a MGNS parent, I am thrilled to be an MGNS teacher and the School Director. Before my two children were born, I taught for several years grades between kindergarten and fourth. Now my kids are all grown up, so I love spending time with the kids here at MGNS. I am also a happy resident of Monona and an active volunteer throughout the city. It is a busy and perfect combination—I am so pleased to be a part of this cooperative community.
VP: Jamie W.
Secretary: Maureen M.
Fundraising Coordinator: Betsy L.
Purchaser: Donna C.
Event Coordinator: Teresa B.
Advertising Coordinator: Maggie J.
Equipment & Inventory Coordinator: Zach B.
Volunteer Coordinator: Erin K.
Treasurer: Katy K.