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The documents below are geared towards new families but if your child is already enrolled at MGNS and you still need to fill out any of the forms below, they are here for your convenience.

Immunization Form

Childcare Enrollment Form

Child Health Report

Child Health History and Emergency Care Plan

Background Check
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Playful Learning
Our daughter attended MGNS for 3 years of preschool/4K plus one session of Toddler Time. It was her favorite place. She loved going to school, seeing her friends, her wonderful teachers and getting to play and do so many fun things. Upon picking her up she would tell me EVERYTHING she did, what stories they read, what the art project was, what they had for a snack and what she did when they played outside. Every year she had at least one day of lunch bunch, which was a great learning tool for how lunch will be when she starts kindergarten. MGNS became like family to us and we are very sad to be leaving. But we will be back to visit! —Dawn Van Horn, McFarland
We drove over a half an hour to bring our inquisitive, gentle son to MGNS. After looking at many preschool programs, we knew that MGNS was exactly what we and he needed - A preschool with knowledgeable, kind teachers and a program that would stimulate his mind. Although not my personal goal, our son left MGNS ready for kindergarten. Thank you, MGNS, for giving our child a love for lifelong learning!"
— Aija and Erik Kins, Lake Mills
The cooperative nature of Monona Grove Nursery School creates an openness and transparency that you just don't see in other schools. You are welcomed, from the start, to be an integral part of your child's education." —Jessica, parent and board member
My daughter absolutely loves her class at MGNS. She has learned so much, and even more importantly, she is excited about learning. Every day, she asks if it's a school day. MGNS has amazing resources, excellent teachers, and a strong sense of community. We love MGNS!“
— Alyssa Luckey-Winters, Madison
MGNS 4-K class was our child's first exposure to school, and it was a perfect one. She learned so much about cooperation, clean-up, art, nature, Spanish words, letters and numbers, music, books and the joy of being part of a group! Her teachers are a perfect balance of temperaments and gifts. I feel as if our family hit the jackpot in this class at Monona Grove!” —Gwen Ebert, Madison
My son was in the afternoon 4K program at Monona Grove Nursery School. He loved the teachers and the play-based learning activities. He learned so much, including a foundation in English and Spanish phonemic awareness that has prepared him well for Kindergarten at Nuestro Mundo Community School. He made many friends from inside and outside the neighborhood, many of whom are in the same school again this year. We're so glad he was able to attend this program.” —Joshua Forehand, Principal of Nuestro Mundo Community School
As our family enters our 5th and final year at MGNS, I am struck by many feelings, mostly of gratitude. We are so fortunate to have been a part of this community. From the Toddler Time program, to preschool, 4K and lunch bunch, they have all been wonderful programs. The staff is caring and communicative, and being a part of a co-operative school has been a wonderful experience. I enjoy my time in the classroom, seeing my children at play. My kids making wonderful friendships and I too have made strong connections with other parents. Being on the board of directors has also been a great opportunity. To the supportive MGNS community, I say, "Thank you!"—Margo Duffy
MGNS is a loving, nurturing and joyful playing and learning environment, and a community of caring, intelligent and involved families who enrich each other's lives. It is so much more than just a place to "get ready for kindergarten." It is a place where my children are thriving and blossoming, and learning to follow their interests and discover new ones.”—Alison Downey, Madison
As a new mom with a high energy 15 month old, I could not have found a better learning environment for the both of us! Toddler Time gave us a safe, fun and nurturing environment where no question of mine was too silly to ask; as a new mother I looked forward to talking with other moms and dads to see how they dealt with all of the unknowns of raising kids! I now chase two high energy little boys around the halls and we feel blessed to be part of the Monona Grove Nursery School Community...I will always remember the day when my oldest son first sat through an entire story during circle time (Digger Man)...every mom and dad in the room... Click to read more.
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